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We are a family owned thrift store. We opened after the pandemic due to our other business being impacted. We started as a single shoe recycling company in 1995, exporting second hand shoes to Africa and the middle east. We have decades of experience in the second hand industry. We are just now getting into the retail side of things, offering great deals on new and used merchandise daily.

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Adding Excitement to the Thrift Store Practice

We’ve worked to increase the thrift store consideration. The need is to give exciting products that are forever a value—and lots of it.
We’re innovators in our business. We’ve followed up on the special systems for product acquisition, pricing, sorting, merchandising, and recycling. As a result, the outcomes are in an unforeseen choice of merchandise that motivates buyers from all points along the economic scale.

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All sales are “as is”. All sales are final. Friendly and Reliable Customer services If you have any doubts or questions related to the products offered at Left Coast Thrift. Our team will respond to you in the quickest time possible.


According to the EPA, the recycling rate for clothing and footwear alone was 13%. Leaving millions of pounds heading to the landfill. The environmental footprint to make one pound of cotton is 1,320 gallons. In other words, about 650 gallons of water to make a single T-Shirt! With a pair of jeans , this figure is closer to 1,800 gallons of water! Sustainable fashion through purchasing second hand clothing, as well donating clothing is crucial to reducing our environmental impact on the planet. At Left Coast Thrift, helping the community reduce its environmental impact through sustainable fashion is important to us. We collect and purchase donations all over the West Coast.

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